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Apple Tart


This is a simple apple tart. quick to whip up,Not too sweet and the tart apples with cinnamon is a marriage made in heaven (too cliched I know but that’s how it is.) I don’t add any sugar to the pastry dough, there’s enough sugar in the filling to balance it out. pair it with a little whipped cream or icecream.. whatever makes you happy.

IngredientsGreen Apples4 ,cored and sliced

for the pastry Flour250 gmsButter- chilled110 gmsEgg- whisked1waterA little only if neededSalta generous pinchCaster Sugar50 gmscream100 gmsegg1 largecinammonto sprinkleIcing sugar to dust

Method First, prepare the short crust pastry dough and get it out of the way so it can peacefully rest in the fridge.

To make the short crust dough you can either use a food processor or do it by hand.

Take flour and sprinkle salt. add in the butter which should be cold and cut into cubes. Rub in the butter and flour between fingers till it resembles bread crumbs…

Add in egg little by little and bring the dough together. Just do not over work the dough. once done, Flatten it and wrap with a cling wrap and place in the fridge for at least half hour to let the butter in the dough settle and harden again.

Pre-heat the oven to 200 C, and pick a tart ring around 22 cms aprox with a loose bottom or any shape you prefer. I used the rectangle dish here.

Take the short crust dough out and roll out between two large pieces of cling film. It makes it easier to handle it this way. A genius, who ever came up with this idea. Less mess and melt downs on my part.

To line the dish with the pastry dough peel off the top layer of the cling film and pick up the rolled out dough and carefully place on the ring and gently press down the edges making sure not to handle it too much. peel off the cling film and cut off the excess from the edges. Prick with a fork ll over and blind bake it for 10 mins.

Mean while lets get the apples and filling ready.

Core and peel the apples and slice it thin. Sprinkle with sugar and lemon and keep aside.

Once the tart shell is blind baked line it with the apple slices you like…neatly fanned out, in a line or messy, well maybe not.… neatly lined is what I opt for.

Sprinkle with a little sugar and cinnamon and bake for a further 10 mins.

While that is in the oven get the custard ready

Whisk sugar with cream and egg together till the sugar has melted with a touch of vanilla essence.

Get the apple tart out of the oven and pour the custard over the apple slices . Return to the oven and bake for 15 mins or till the custard is cooked.

Once done ,Let it cool.  dust with icing sugar and slice. Enjoy…. Yumm.

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