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It’s known as the Indian Icecream.  Its a dairy based frozen dessert which is popular not just in India but it shares its roots with the countries in the Indian subcontinent. 

It’s more denser than an ice cream because it doesn’t involve cream or whipping methods, which is why it has a more solid state when frozen.

The most original form of kulfi and also which is my favorite is the malai Kulfi, which is plain and doesn’t consist of many flavourings. the other varieties and flavors are cardamom, saffron, rose, dry fruits and the newer varieties have more fruity flavours like mango for example.

Its made by Slow cooking milk on the flame for a long duration stirring non stop to ensure it doesn’t burn at the bottom. Then adding sugar and flavors. Cooking it down to less than half its original quantity results in a thick creamy condensed milk. 

Traditionally its set in kulfi moulds and eaten on a stick or in earthen pots.

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serves 6

Full cream Milk 1 litre

Sugar 70 gms

Cardomom pods 3-4

Saffron strands a pinch 

Almond powder 25-30 gms 

To garnish slivered almonds, Pistachiochopped, powdered - as you prefer 


In a wide mouth pan pour the milk and bring it to boil.  keep stirring from then on . on medium to high flame. make sure it doesn’t scorch on the bottom. control the flame if you feel you need to.

This will take at least 10 mins , meanwhile keep stirring and keep the other ingredients ready near you. Crush cardamom pods or use cardamom powder if you have and find it convenient. 

Once the milk has thickened and reduced to less than half, add in the sugar, cardamom, saffron if you choose and the almond powder. stir and give it a good boil. take off the flame and let it cool. 

Pour into moulds  or earthen pots of your choice. Cover with lids or foil and freeze.

while serving unmould if using moulds and garnish to serve . or garnish in the pots that you are serving it in. you could freeze it in a loaf tin and slice to serve too.

Alternatively you could garnish before freezing if serving in the same pots.

Yield depends on what size and shape of containers you use . This serves 6 easily.

note:  could use pistachio powder for pistachio flavored, or chopped nuts instead of almond powder, mango puree, saffron infused in the milk etc for other flavors. 

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