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Chicken Stew


What can I say about this chicken stew. It goes fabulously well with hot steamed rice, dosas, or idlis, rice noodles or even aapams.But I like to have it in a bowl, as a soup. It’s comfort food. With its mild hit of green chillies and delicate soupy sauce made with coconut milk. The coriander and mint add the freshness to the smooth coconutty gravy.

IngredientsChicken600-800 gmsOn bone-Cut small (can use boneless, prefer leg meat in that case)potato1Medium to largecarrot1Halved and slicedGreen peas3/4 cupFrozen is okayOnionGarlic22 clovesChopped bigfinely choppedCorriander leaves1/2 cup choppedMint leaves 2 tbsp choppedTo grindGinger


Green chilly

Pepper corns


1 inch1 inch or more

2-3 pc



1/2 tsp or moreAdjust all ingredients are according to your taste

Put all in pestle mortar and pound to a rough paste

Coconut milk *1 tin or fresh milk -3 times – removedOil, mustard seeds, 2 bayleaves

Heat oil , add onion and fry till done but still pink, add the chopped garlic and fry till nice smell comes add the bay leaves.

Next, add the ground paste and fry it. Add the chicken and mix well . Fry it let it coat with the mixture well add salt. Add potatoes . Add the thin milk and let it cook. Add the coriander leaves and mint. Add the rest of the veggies. Once the potatoes are done and soft add the rest of the milk and check seasoning ,bring it to a boil and turn off the flame.

add lemon juice, and sprinkle some chopped fresh coriander leaves

*Use fresh coconut milk. Always better. But in case you can’t, canned or powdered is fine. keep in mind the sweetness of each is slightly different.

** I sometimes use green chilly powder, its home made and it’s really potent…one wiff and you will be sneezing the whole day. But it adds a different kind of spice, just a touch when I add in the chicken and that’s all you need.

Serve as you like and enjoyyy

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