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Dry Coconut Chutney Pudi (chutney powder)


Dry Coconut Chutney Puddi. This one is called Sheekarni in my place. When you hear the word Chutney, usually a wet spicy mix or mango chutney is what comes to mind. But they also made in a dry powdered form and there are many varieties. Usually had with dosas, but this particular one I love to have with curd rice. And I absolutely love those cute little jars I found.

Many years ago all the pickles used to be stored in such jars but much much larger. Once or twice a year or pickles and mixes and chilly powders were made in large batches and stored. It was probably like an event I imagine. so much fun. As a kid, away on vacation at my mums ancestral home, I remember seeing how they powdered chillies. Pestle and mortar ?? think much larger than what probably sits on your kitchen counter. The two women stood on either side and pounded the chillies with a tall and heavy pestle and they chatted away or sang. Memories.Dry Coconut chopped410 gmsDry Red Chillies52 gmsCumin Seeds1 tbspCoriander Seeds3 tbspBlack Pepper corns2 tbspTamarind (seedless)20 gmsSalt2 tsp or tasteOilTo fry the ingredients

For the TemperingMustard Seeds 1 1/2 tspUrad Daal2 tspCurry LeavesAbout 8 sticks /Fist full of leavesOilTo temper


  1. In a wide pan or kadai heat a tsp of oil, and roast red chillies till they crisp up. Its very easy to burn these so you have to be a little careful and constantly toss them around.

  2. Next step, roast the coconut till golden brown. Keep aside, then roast pepper, cumin, coriander seeds all separately. Keep aside till cool enough to grind. It has to cool down or it will get lumpy while grinding.

  3. Add salt and tamarind to the cooled spices and powder in a mixer.

  4. Check the seasoning, adjust what is needed.

  5. Now comes a strange step which at first I didn’t understand why we do this after having run it through a mixer, but it makes a difference. Take a pestle (from the pestle and mortar), Preferable stone or as long as it’s heavy it will work. Spread this mix out in a bowl and just pound it for a min .

  6. For the tempering: or tadka as we call it, in a small pan heat oil , add mustard let it splutter then the urad daal the curry leaves. Let them all crackle and do their thing take off gas and pour on top of the chutney.

  7. Mix it in well and store in glass jar. Do not refrigerate as it alters the taste.

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