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Roghan Josh


Roghan Josh

In my early experiments as home cook, I tried whatever recipes that I could find. Food that I had never had before and my husband the equally enthusiastic food lover would encourage me and describe how good it was with every bite… (if it was any good that is, many a time I wondered if he would make a very good food critic who everyone feared).

One such recipie was Mutton Roghan Josh. I had come across a recipie book and I planned  cooking my way through it. once i did make it, the dish tasted good, but I couldn’t really compare it to anything because I had never had Roghan Josh before. After a couple of years and moving around I met my Neighbour, and after many cups of tea, over a period of time that is, one day she told me she made Roghan josh that day.. well my ears perked up. “Really? you know how to?” I asked.Of cource ..its a Kashmiri dish, their traditional dish. she agreed to teach me  and we cooked. It was nothing like what I made before, the result was just delicious, soft meat which melted in your mouth and the flavour of whole spices which came through was just perfect,the bright red color from the kashmiri chilly fools you into thinking its hot and spicy but its just right. And my In-house the food critic gave me a thumbs up  and was very happy that day.

The key to this dish according to me, one is the ingredients,  second is a lot of patience.. you just can’t hurry it up.. you mustn’t.

A big Thankyou to my friend for sharing her recipie  with me and teaching me. These kind of traditional home recipies always have a special place in your life with stories and memories and its really touching when someone shares it with you.

well here is the recipie and  I hope i did justice to it.Mutton, on the bone600Black cardamom1Cloves3-4Pepper corns6Bay leaf1-2Cinnamon1 inch brokenAsafetida (heeng)1/4  tspKashmiri chilly powder2-3 tspFennel powder(saunf)¾ tspGinger powder1/4 tspYoghurt (curd)2 small spoonsGaram masala1/2 tspMustard oil4 tbspSaltto tasteSugarA pinch

Wash,  clean and keep the meat ready

Heat oil, I use a pressure cooker here so do start to finish in the same pot you are cooking with.

Add in the whole garam masalas and they should relase their smell but careful not to burn them. add in the heeng powder and mutton and stir fry, add a pinch of sugar while you stir fry. The meat releases water and its okay just let it dry up and you should be able to see the oil in a while. add salt while you stir fry.

Add the chilly powder and the ginger powder. Stir it around but again careful not to let it burn, at this stage add 2 tablespoon water which helps the masalas to cook.

Again let the oil appear to proceed to the next step, now we add the yoghurt and keep stiring till you see the oil. Add in one cup of water and bring to a boil. then add in the Saunf powder and cook covered till its cooked well.

Once done add garam masala and let it come up to a boil  and its done, at this stage it should have a little gravy and it should be shinny red.

perfect now just enjoy

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