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Beetroot Cutlets

Growing up we used to visit a place called Dianas in Udupi. (Karnataka, India) once a year travel to India a visit to Dianas was a must. Mother always had to buy a few staples, and it was also a stopover after shopping around the town. Horlicks milkshake and Vegetable cutlets were one of the popular snacks on the menu. The past couple of years we didn't visit though and this year I and the husband got talking of all our old haunts. And the things we missed. Food is always high on the list of things we miss about places. I thought of recreating the veg cutlet out of memory and this is what I came up with. It is as close I could get with what I remembered. My son surprisingly polished off a few and proudly said I ate 3, and to think he despises Beetroot as a vegetable. He says he will forgive them if they are in a cutlet form. Which was a win-win for me. So very excitedly I did a Facebook Live and told the world ( my small world of social media ) what I had come up with and managed to get a few more people as excited about it as me. This is among other few cutlets and patties I make ahead and freeze for those days when I need a quick fix for emergencies.... like hungry kids and adults. Perfect for snacks, lunch boxes, unexpected guests etc. They work so well just served with a chutney or a sauce, wrapped in a tortilla, stuffed into a pav bun, served with a side salad for dinner as a main meal. You don't have to shape them into a patty you could shape them into logs with a skewer like a kabab. So I have sung enough praise. It is time for you to make these and try them out.

Do tag me if you make these and I shall share it. Or reach out to me if you have any queries for the same.


Beetroot grated - 100 gms grated

Carrots grated -100 gms grated

Potato boiled - 2 medium /250gms

Onion - 1 medium

Green chilli chopped -1

Garlic cloves - grated -2 cloves

Garam masala -1/2 tsp

Bread slices - 2 soaked in water

Plain flour & cornflour mixed - 2 tbsp


Salt to taste

Oil to fry

Semolina / rava - 1 cup

(Alternatively use breadcrumbs)


Boil and mash potatoes and keep aside

Grate carrots and beets with the same sized grater.

Grate or mince the garlic.

Chop green chillies, you can deseed them if you prefer

In a pan heat some oil, add the onion and garlic and cook till it starts turning a light golden brown. We don't want to crisp it. Add the green chillies at this point and let it fry. Add salt and the grated beets and carrots

Keep stir-frying so it doesn’t catch on the bottom. We don't want the bitterness.

Once done add garam masala and the mashed potato and add the bread slices after squeezing out any excess water and mix really well.

Check seasoning and adjust if anything is needed at this point.

Turn off the stove and remove it to a bowl. If you like the taste then you can add some coriander leaves. knead a little to ensure everything is mixed well and there are no lumps of potato.

Once cool enough to handle start shaping them.

Shape it. And keep aside. Meanwhile, make a slurry with water and flour and spread some semolina or bread crumbs in another plate.

First, dip the cutlets into the wet slurry, move it to the dry semolina and coat it really well.

Lay flat on a plate and refrigerate before frying them

You can shallow fry or deep fry according to your preference.

Serve with sauce or green coriander coconut chutney

Make extras and freeze them in freezer-proof containers so you can have them handy for snack time.

They freeze well and you can safely keep them for a month.

Lay them flat and use parchment to separate between layers. So you can pull them out only as many as you need only.

DoNOT thaw all if you don’t need them.

bon appetit

Click on the link for the video

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